A "Keeper" is an animal caretaker. Keepers take care of the everyday needs of the animal(s) in their care. At Hollywild, they feed, clean habitats, monitor the health and well-being of the animals, and play with the animals and provide enrichment for them in the form of special treats, toys, or activities that stimulate their minds. With our Keeper's Notes below, you'll learn more
about the behind-the-scenes care of the special animals who call Hollywild Animal Park home. If you have a question you'd like answered by our keepers, you may email it to: happenings@hollywild.com and we'll do our best to answer it in upcoming posts!

Date: Monday, April 15, 2013

This morning you are seeing our 15 month old cubs, Amalia, Samra, and Malica at play. These girls love to romp in the water and climb the rocks. They are now about 120 lbs each and growing fast which gives them their 'gangly, lanky' and some would say "awkward adolescent" look. For bears, this stage lasts several years until they start filling out in adulthood. Giza, the cubs' mother, is well over 500 lbs and their dad, Ramses, tops out over 800 lbs according to keeper estimates. As the day progresses and the bears rotate in and out, you'll be able to see them too and notice the differences!

Thursday, April 11, 2013
Welcome to Eyes on Hollywild! Today you are looking at one of our bear habitats, but more importantly, you are meeting our three 15 month old Syrian brown bears.The girls are named Amalia Nur, Malica Ishtar, and Samra’ May, in honor of their Syrian heritage. Not yet adults, we know they still don't quite look like cubs either as they each now weigh about 120 lbs! Their sister, Syriana Nyeff is only three months old and weighs less than 20 lbs.She is too young to join her sisters just yet but will be meeting visitors to the park during Creature Feature Programs. In coming weeks you will be able to see the triplets or their parents (dad Ramses, mom Giza (each about 400 lbs)) or their distant 'cousin' Honey Bear, a Grizzly. But today, watch our girls as they play together, splash in the pools, climb the rocks, and explore their fun 'living room.' . . Can you start to see their individual personalities? We are pleased to invite you to meet these ladies and hope you'll visit us often to spend time with our exciting Hollywild family members!.





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